HOYA 58mm ND Variable Density

HOYA ND Variable 58mm


The Hoya Variable Density filter 82mm makes it easy to adjust the brightness of a scene and have more control over the exposure settings of the camera. The Hoya Variable ND filter reduces light transmittance by approximately 1.5 - 9 stops. This allows much greater range of shutter speed and aperture values to be set according to the desired effects such as artistic blurring shots of motion on water, cars or people and anything that has movements.

The Hoya Variable ND filter 82mm uses two polarizing layers to control the amount of light that passes through the filter and into the camera lens. Having a variable ND filter substitutes for carrying different strengths ND filters. Most importantly the convenience of only needing to bring one filter for all different situations and light conditions.

You can still use your original lens cap to fit onto the Hoya Variable ND filters as there is no change in the tread size, but because the thread on front of the filter is quite narrow, it may take some practice to get used to.

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HOYA ND Variable 58mm

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