Manfrotto Matte Box System

Manfrotto Matte Box System

The Manfrotto Sympla Flexible Mattebox Kit is a “ready to go' solution that includes all the necessary pieces inside one box. The multi-purpose Flexible Mattebox System enables you to improve the quality of the footage you capture by helping to control the light hitting your lens. The Mattebox holds 2 x 4x4 filters, while its angleable concertina hood protects the lens from stray light, while also permitting fast lens changes. The included Variable Plate component, with its vertical and lateral micro-adjusters, allows easy and precise alignment of the lens with the Flexible Mattebox.

Compatible with all Manfrottto Video heads.

Kit comprises:
1 x Sympla Flexible Mattebox
1 x Sympla Variable Plate
2 x 300mm Rods
2 x Clips

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Manufacturer Manfrotto
Short Description Manfrotto Matte Box System
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