SteadyTracker Xtreme Video Camera DSLR Stabiliser w/ Bag

SteadyTracker Xtreme Video Camera DSLR Stabiliser w/ Bag

SteadyTracker Xtreme Video Camera DSLR Stabiliser Support with Padded Carry Bag Case

This lightweight camera stabiliser is easy to operate while taking amazing footage. The Xtreme gives you the ability to shoot subject matter that is impossible to shoot otherwise. Take amazing footage as you walk, run, travel upstairs, or even out of a moving car. Expand the creativity of your production by engaging the viewers when making them a part of the action.

The competition can fly, pan, boom, and tilt but there is no control of the device during these moves. This is what sets the Xtreme apart from the others, with the Xtreme you can accelerate and decelerate when panning, quickly start/stop, reverse directions while flying, tilt smoothly at the start or end of a boom, or dutch off the axis during a flying move.

The Xtreme has been designed for handheld use, body supported use, and self supported use. When using hand held, smoothly circle around your subject, dutching, booming, and tilting on the fly, changing angles and framing just like in music videos. You can do chase scenes, go up and down stairs, jump off walls, go over picnic tables, follow people in cars, shoot weddings, receptions, love stories, sports, documentaries, choirs, plays, etc When body mounted it rests on your leg letting you zoom and focus with a heads up position with both eyes free to monitor or look for new scenes. Pull it up to your body with your eye against the viewfinder for traditional zooming style shots. Lift it up on your shoulder and shoot over people’s heads while looking in the colour monitor for perfect framing.

The SteadyTracker range is a lightweight counter balancing stabilisation system that has the ability to take your video footage from, “oh that’s nice” to “WOW that looks like something from the movies!!” SteadyTracker is used in the production of television shows House, 24, and NCIS LA to give that fluid, floating footage, and fast moving action scenes, which is impossible to capture without using a stabilisation system. The problem is, most other systems cost upwards of $1500, and don't provide the lightweight mobility that SteadyTracker provides. Many of the cheaper systems are unreliable, difficult to balance and difficult to use. SteadyTracker is the solution. It is easy to set-up and maintain, easy to transport, and most importantly, easy to use. You can run, jump, walk up and down stairs, hang out of a moving car, snowboard or almost anything else with the SteadyTracker and still capture that amazing, engaging and stable footage. Smoothly circle around your subject, dutch, boom, and tilt on the fly. Changing angles and framing is as easy as a twist of your wrist. Features and Benefits: Steady motion shots - Add more value to your production and make more money on every shot.

• Fluid appearance - Smooth movements, no jerky actions.
• Floating shots - Appears as if the camera is floating.
• Better than a Monopod - Stands on its own.
• Flexible - you can get any angle because it is not connected to you.
• Reliable - Sturdy alloy construction.
• Simple - Uses counter balance, without gyros or gimbals.
• Powder coated finish - Preserves the appearance.
• Comfortable handling - Foam grip is soft, easy to handle and control.
• Ergonomically designed - Comfortable to use for long periods.
• Fast / Easy Setup - Sets up in minutes. • SteadyTracker Padded Carry Bag Case also included.

Examples of Cameras that can be used with the SteadyTracker Xtreme are as follows:

Canon 60D, 7D, 5D MkII or 1D MkIV with a 24-70 2.8L lens Nikon D300S, D700 or D3 with 24-70 2.8 lens,
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