GITZO GH5381SQD Tripod Head

The Systematic head is a low-profile, wide, stable quick release ball-type head that fits into the shoulder of a Systematic tripod. It allows a camera to be mounted very close to the top of the tripod for optimal support, and lets the camera be levelled or angled accurately with 28° of tilt. The Systematic head features a hydraulic locking system, which allows faster control, great locking speed and exceptional smoothness. The Systematic Head can be attached to any tripod using the 3/8 thread, or can be fitted into the upper casting of any Systematic Tripod to guarantee an ultra-stable platform. The ring adaptor (GS5300S) is included and is required when using this head with a Series 5 Systematic Tripod. This head also has the new Systematic safety catch: when used together with the latest Systematic tripods equipped with the safety button, the head is held safely in place until the release button is pushed, so that it and any camera equipment attached to it is secure even if the tripod top casting is inadvertently left open.
The GH5381SQD features the D profile Arca-style quick release plate, which allows the camera and plate to be snapped into the head from above, much quicker than trying to slide it in from the side.
Key Specifications
  • Ball Locking Head
  • Made from Aluminium
  • Very high Strength-to-Weight ratio
  • 360 Degree Panoramic Rotation with Lateral Tilt
  • Ball Friction Setting with Independent Pan Lock
  • Variable Balance Control
  • 30kg Safety Payload
  • 0.870kg weight
More Information
Manufacturer Gitzo
Short Description GITZO GH5381SQD
Type No
Meta Description GITZO GH5381SQD Tripod Head
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