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Profoto Lighting Equipment in Melbourne, Australia

Introducing the Profoto Off-Camera Flash System.

Profoto B1 & B2 Off-camera flashes are not speedlights and they are not monolights. They are a new kind of flash, combining the best of both worlds. Profoto's off-camera flashes are distinguished by their revolutionizing TTL technology, cordless convenience and powerful light. Put together, these features bring a whole new way of shooting.

Compact and convenient studio lighting.

The Profoto D1 & D2 monolights are self-contained flash units. Unlike a flash pack, which consists of a separate generator and a number of flash heads, the monolight has its own mains powered built-in power source. As a result it’s a compact, convenient and powerful solution for both studio and on-location.

Your premier location for Profoto in Melbourne.

Located in an easily accesible Port Melbourne store with easy access to the largest range of Profoto equipment available in Australia, Borge's is the best place for you to get a complete lighting solution. We're open Monday to Saturday.
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