Profoto B10 Plus

Because how much gear you have to carry — matters. How much space you have to set up and work in — matters. Being able to move fast, get in, get out and most of all, get the shot — matters. All that, and more inspired the Profoto B10 and the Profoto B10 Plus. Both are a big light in a small package.

Designed to make life easy

Profoto B10 and B10 Plus

The B10 and the B10 Plus, and the quality of light they deliver brings lots of creative possibilities. But ease-of-use is also incredibly important.

They feature a clean and minimal interface so you can start shooting straight from the box. Batteries are quick and easy to switch in and out and can be charged while in use.

Trigger and control them wirelessly with ease from any Profoto Air remote, from Profoto Connect, or from the Profoto A1 or A1X. You can point and shoot with TTL or switch to manual control at any time.

The Profoto app allows you to you easily view and control all B10 and B10 Plus settings from the palm of your hand and install new updates in seconds.

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