Manfrotto MFMH057A5 Panoramic Virtual Reality Tripod Head

Virtual Reality & Pan Head

The MH057A5 pan head permits the photographer to take sequential constant-angle shots around a single axis with his or her camera either in portrait or landscape position, and with the nodal point of the camera/lens in line with the center of panoramic rotation to ensure that parallax effects do not cause problems during image stitching.

It is built around (and includes) the 300N panoramic unit, adding a system of sliding horizontal and vertical plates for accurate positioning of the camera nodal point. The plates have engraved index rules to make subsequent repositioning easier. The included quick release elbow bracket lets the photographer use the portrait orientation of the camera gaining vertical fi eld. The system is suitable for most 35mm SLR still and digital stills cameras using wide-angle or standard lenses.

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Manufacturer Manfrotto
Short Description Virtual Reality & Pan Head
Type No
Meta Description Manfrotto MFMH057A5 Virtual Reality & Pan Head
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