Rosco Cinegel Sampler Kit

ROSCO Cinegel Sampler Kit


This Rosco Cinegel Sampler Kit includes 15 assorted 12" x 12" Cinegel filters for use on lights for color correction, color effects, diffusion and reflection. A flexible package for the still photographer, filmmaker or video professional. This is an all-purpose selection of the most popular Cinegel products. Included are materials for diffusion, reflection, color effects and mixed-light color correction (strobes, tungsten, "hotlights", or cool white fluorescents).


• Blue and Amber color correction filters to balance various combinations of light sources.
• Plusgreen filter for balancing daylight and other secondary sources with fluorescents.
• Color Effects filters to enhance light.
• Diffusion materials for dispersing and softening light.
• Reflectors to bounce light.

The 15 Rosco Cinegels packaged in this kit are as follows:

3202- Full Blue
3204 - Blue
3208 - Blue
3407 - CTO
3408 - CTO
3409 - CTO
3304 - Plusgreen
3009 - LT. Tough Frost
3040 - Powder Frost
3011 - Tough Silk
3114 - UV Filter
3805 - Roscoflex G
26 - Roscolux Primary Red
80 - Roscolux Primary Blue
89 - Roscolux Moss Green

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ROSCO Cinegel Sampler Kit

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