Rosco Diffusion Kit

ROSCO Diffusion Kit


This Rosco Diffusion Kit includes 15 assorted diffusion Cinegel materials for lighting instruments. Each sheet is 12"x12". Diffusion materials help control the character of the lighting in each scene. Rosco's range is offered in closely graded steps so the photographer can select the exact diffusion material for each situation.


• Spun materials for a feathering effect with minimal beam spread.
• Frost materials for slight to medium diffusion with moderate beam spread.
• White Diffusion materials for medium to dense diffusion diffusion with a wide spread beam.
• Rolux materials for soft, shadowless light with a wide beam spread.
• Grid Cloth materials for dense diffusion with a very wide beam spread.
• Silk materials for directional diffusion to create a "slash" of light.

The 15 Rosco diffusion materials packaged in this kit are as follows:

3000 - Tough Rolux
3006 - Tough Spun
3007 - LT. Tough Spun
3022 - Tough Spun
3008 - Tough Frost
3009 - LT. Tough Frost
3010 - Opal Tough Frost
3020 - LT. Opal Tough Frost
3011 - Tough Silk
3015 - LT. Tough Silk
3026 - Tough White Diffusion
3027 - Tough White Diffusion
3028 - Tough White Diffusion
3001 - LT. Tough Rolux
3040 - Powder Frost

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ROSCO Diffusion Kit

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