Wimberley Lens Replacement Foot AP-553

WIMBERLEY Lens Replacement Foot AP-553


For Nikon: 500 f/4 AF-S versions I & II, & VR 200-400 f/4 AF-S VR

Dimensions (Overall L x W x H): 5.7 x 1.5 x .9 in
Weight: 5.3 Oz (plate, mounting screws ,& stop screws)

This plate (AP-553) has been replaced by the AP-554, which provides a better handle to carry your lens by and is longer, allowing you to balance your lense with lighterweight camera bodies. However, we are still selling the AP-553 as a less expensive & lower profile option for those who have heavier camera bodies (see chart below for campatibility). If you meet the requirements of the compatibility chart below, and want the lowest profile and most ridgid plate possible this plate is a good choice.

The AP-553 does not provide enough length for proper balance when using the certain light weight camera bodies (see link below). If your lens/camera combo is not compatible, use the new AP-554 foot.

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WIMBERLEY Lens Replacement Foot AP-553

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